Lindsey & David - Charlotte Engagement Session

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There is something so special about photographing in the place couples call home (or, will call home). I believe you can capture "home" in a warm embrace on a mountain top, (because as cheesy as it sounds, home is where the heart is), but I love being invited to photograph in the space where traditions will be created and memories made. Photographing in the home allows for couples to let their guards down and just be fully themselves. It makes my heart beat faster for the images that are created are intimate, authentic, and honest - unique to each couple and home I'm photographing in. 

Lindsey is an amazing and inspired writer. She invites her readers into a refreshingly real and raw space, touching on how messy and beautiful life can be. Recently she wrote something that I literally threw my hands up in the air and exclaimed, "she gets it!" It's the complete heart and drive for what inspires me on a daily basis as photography for my profession. Yes, the wedding day is one of the most important and celebrated days of your life (and goodness it's so so special), but what inspires me the most is the pursuit and passion for the relationship & marriage journey after. The adventure together is so beautiful - but let's be real, it can be also be darn right messy and life can be hard. I fully believe the vows that are shared with our spouse are a promise of a continued pursuit of a deepened relationship on the journey of your lives together. I could write a novel about this topic, and I may continue to touch on different aspects of this in future blog posts. It needs to be discussed more. 

Photographing these genuine here-and-now moments can serve as a powerful reminder to bring couples back to the why. The reminder and why of what the pursuit (and sometimes the fight) is for. It's one of the reasons why engagement and anniversary sessions are so inspiring and powerful to me. It also serves to "feel all the feels" on happy celebrated days to take you back to all the memories. It's such an honor to document couples and families in their most vulnerable and joyful moments. In ALL the ways that love is shown - the quiet glances from across the room, the warm heartfelt embraces, or the shouting it across the mountaintops for the world to hear; I love capturing what it felt like exactly in those moments.

That's my art. 

Lindsey said it better in a recent post than I ever could:

"Making something work, truly is an overcoming; Of the weaknesses in yourself, in the lies that you believe - about yourself, about your partner, about your life and what unexpected realities might be thrown your way. And frankly it's an absolute fight to stay in tact. It's a real conscious choice & decision to make. And only you can choose it for yourself. 

I'm not married yet, but I've sure had to fight for something that I love for the last two years to keep it. And I'm taking that with me into the years ahead.

David, thank you for going through the hard days with me. Life is not glamorous. We know that full well. There has been so much mess to overcome, but it's what we do. We always have, & we always will. 

Thank you for choosing to do life with me. My life is richer, fuller, and stronger because You are in it."

A New Look for Alicia White Photography

I have been working hard on this new brand for an entire year. My previous branding and website helped propel my business to such a beautiful place, but as my business and life evolved, it didn't quite fit my personality or design aesthetic. With time and experience, artists should refine their brand voice as they grow in their work and style. Branding is a very personal and emotional process, so it's especially important to connect with your designer(s) as they are truly putting your heart and personality into visual form. Which leads me to talking about my talented designers... 

I am a prime believer that things happen in life and we meet the people we are meant to for a reason. I met Brittany by photographing her wedding last spring in Charleston (see it here), and we instantly connected. I remember hugging Luke and Brittany goodbye the night of the wedding and felt like I was hugging an old friend. I had been working on branding throughout the year with a different designer, but when things weren't connecting after over 6+ long months of working on a logo, Brittany and Kathryn of Saturday Studio stepped in to my rescue. What they created for me is everything I had dreamed and hoped for. I wanted a brand that felt personal, organic, and clean. I wanted my work to speak for itself, and in order to do that to strip away distractions and create a clean backdrop to display my images on my website. What I really loved was that Brittany completely connected with and understood my work already as she selected me to photograph her wedding. Working with Saturday Studio was a stress free and fun process - they really care about their clients and I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a designer. Honestly the hardest part was narrowing down from all the beautiful designs they gave me. Instead of having to just choose one, they took my feedback and combined the aspects I loved from all the different designs to create a beautiful, artful, and timeless branding. They have such a dedication to detail and giving numerous elements that can be used throughout the entire brand.

One of the biggest factors of branding is having a clear idea of what you want it to visually say. Just as my work is inspired by genuine moments, I wanted the branding to portray the same. I still connect with things that are organic - reflected by nature and emotions, and I love that Saturday Studio gave me such gorgeous hand-drawn elements to work with. They drew everything, wow right? The elements and font feel romantic and mature. One of my fears in creating a website that was SO clean was that it would portray as "cold" - but they eased my fears in creating a brand that felt organic and comfortable letting the warmth and emotion of the work speak to create an inviting space.

Brand Words: organic, intentional, authentic, story telling, emotional, genuine

Photo Field Trip 2015 - California

Even though I've had about a month to comprehend the experience, I'm carrying all the stillness of the meaningful conversations and community. And I feel such a peace in that. As much as my time was filled in relationship this year, I also got to explore the rolling hills of Santa Barbara and be wrapped up in the embrace of the California sunsets. I really (really) hate goodbyes, so I'm thankful for the photographs that help to bring me right back in the moment again. I can still feel the belly aching laughter and crunch of the 1am cereal as I type this now. Thank you Fieldtrip 2015 for so so much. xo.

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer-22 copy
Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer-22 copy
Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer-33 copy
Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer-33 copy

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