North Carolina Backyard Wedding - Stephen & Amanda

north carolina backyard wedding 57.JPG

Another blog post! As promised, I've been blogging more this year wanting to share the beautiful stories I've gotten to document. At the start of the new year I felt that maybe I'll just be better about sharing all NEW content, but as I looked through the last year I got sad thinking these wedding stories would never be shared. So here I am. A little late, but that's ok. You may remember Amanda & Stephen from our fun mountain adventures here! They had the most cozy and intimate backyard ceremony and reception you ever did see! I love that they chose to get married at the place he grew up in. Wasn't Amanda simply stunning? The whole day was romantic, emotional, and felt like home. Just as a wedding should. They made me feel so much like family, and fun fact, I photographed another sisters wedding this winter! Don't miss this one guys xo

Vineyard at Betty's Creek Wedding - Tasie & Matt

It's been a little bit since I've given this blog some attention, but I'm hoping to change that in this new year! I'm excited to share what I've been up to and the inspiring couples/families and their stories I've been honored to photograph. If you've followed on instagram, I've been pretty good about posting recent work and happenings - but there is something truly special about getting to tell a story in a blog post that instagram could never fully capture by highlighting an image or two. Tasie & Matt were married at one of my very favorite places, The Vineyard at Bettys Creek. Besides the random stray shower that happened at the end of the first look (thank goodness Tasie decided to go barefoot as we sprinted from the rain), the day was simply perfect. Even the stray shower was perfect as they snuggled up in a shed waiting for the rain to pass. They have an easy going love, and the day carried a beautiful calm with it, which I think reflects in the images. It's a good one friends!

Historic Rosedale Plantation Wedding - David & Lindsey

Oh my goodness. What an honor it was to take part in Lindsey and David's wedding. They have such a beautiful respect and admiration for one another and the wedding day was a reflection of the commitment they share to be fully present and do this life together through ALL the good times and bad. Lindsey is also a ridiculously talented photographer herself, but she trusted me and allowed herself to be fully present for the day, soaking everything in - surrounded by everyone they hold near and dear. The ceremony held a beautiful intimacy and sacredness for how Lindsey and David want to start their marriage and life together, this included walking down the aisle together hand in hand. Lindsey looked absolutely stunning in her BHLDN dress and the Historic Rosedale Plantation in Charlotte was the perfect backdrop for a beautifully organic and romantic wedding location. Everyone then headed over to Unknown Brewery to celebrate and dance the night away. Also a big thank you to Julia Madden Sears for helping me capture the day! I've been sitting on this post attempting to narrow down so many beautiful and emotional moments that happened throughout the day - the love they have for one another and their family & friends is simply beautiful. My hope is that the images adequately portray the warmth and beauty that surrounded them as they vowed to always love, serve, and grow together through this beautiful (and messy) life. Love you guys!