A New Look for Alicia White Photography

I have been working hard on this new brand for an entire year. My previous branding and website helped propel my business to such a beautiful place, but as my business and life evolved, it didn't quite fit my personality or design aesthetic. With time and experience, artists should refine their brand voice as they grow in their work and style. Branding is a very personal and emotional process, so it's especially important to connect with your designer(s) as they are truly putting your heart and personality into visual form. Which leads me to talking about my talented designers... 

I am a prime believer that things happen in life and we meet the people we are meant to for a reason. I met Brittany by photographing her wedding last spring in Charleston (see it here), and we instantly connected. I remember hugging Luke and Brittany goodbye the night of the wedding and felt like I was hugging an old friend. I had been working on branding throughout the year with a different designer, but when things weren't connecting after over 6+ long months of working on a logo, Brittany and Kathryn of Saturday Studio stepped in to my rescue. What they created for me is everything I had dreamed and hoped for. I wanted a brand that felt personal, organic, and clean. I wanted my work to speak for itself, and in order to do that to strip away distractions and create a clean backdrop to display my images on my website. What I really loved was that Brittany completely connected with and understood my work already as she selected me to photograph her wedding. Working with Saturday Studio was a stress free and fun process - they really care about their clients and I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a designer. Honestly the hardest part was narrowing down from all the beautiful designs they gave me. Instead of having to just choose one, they took my feedback and combined the aspects I loved from all the different designs to create a beautiful, artful, and timeless branding. They have such a dedication to detail and giving numerous elements that can be used throughout the entire brand.

One of the biggest factors of branding is having a clear idea of what you want it to visually say. Just as my work is inspired by genuine moments, I wanted the branding to portray the same. I still connect with things that are organic - reflected by nature and emotions, and I love that Saturday Studio gave me such gorgeous hand-drawn elements to work with. They drew everything, wow right? The elements and font feel romantic and mature. One of my fears in creating a website that was SO clean was that it would portray as "cold" - but they eased my fears in creating a brand that felt organic and comfortable letting the warmth and emotion of the work speak to create an inviting space.

Brand Words: organic, intentional, authentic, story telling, emotional, genuine